A team of consultants specialised in change management in the field of safety culture.

Based on our know-how and experience acquired with a world-class benchmark in safety management (EXXON, Esso), our approach is built on three pillars:

  • Guiding principles that help to adopt a common language in the enterprise

  • Tools to take action and change individual and collective behaviours

  • An organisation to manage and consolidate a high level of performance in the long term

Which companies?

Nous sommes présents en France et à l'international

All companies in France and elsewhere that want to bring about an effective and durable change of safety culture, irrespective of their field of activity, their structure (size, type of establishment) and the existing safety situation.

Implementation of an ETS MAT project

A mobilisation and empowering of all players, from operators to top management and HSE professionals (coordinators, leaders, safety officers, health, safety and working conditions committees, etc.).

Our methodology


Nous sommes présents en France et à l'international
  • Consideration of the history, identity, specifics and the existing safety situation

  • Commitment from highest-ranking managers, from SMEs to major corporations

  • A pragmatic mobilisation of human assets by building up the skills of top executives, middle management and field staff


  • Made-to-measure support for all the associated processes: systemic, organisational, individual and collective


Amélioration des résultats sécurité - 1

Results achieved in an industrial group present in 67 countries, with more than 170,000 employees.

The ETS MAT method and tools achieved a durable improvement of safety results.

Amélioration des résultats sécurité - 2

Rapid and continual reduction of the number of accidents reported by this French chemicals distributor operating numerous sites, most of which are Seveso-classified.

The support and training provided by the ETS MAT team produced a long-term mobilisation of all the company’s personnel.