Our firm came into being at Esso France, an Exxon Group company, that was a pioneer in the implementation of a genuine initiative to protect the safety of the personnel on all its sites in the 1980s, and sets the standard in terms of safety performance.

  • 1992 : the firm was created as part of ETS by Jean Pierre Mouton, the Safety Coordinator of the Exxon Group for France

  • 2002 : acquisition by the Air Liquide group

  • 2009 : creation of ETSCAF Sécurité Conseil-Audit-Formation by Gilles Rabergeau

Our values

  • The enthusiasm of every ETSCAF consultant drives our customers to take our convictions onboard and makes them want to take action.

  • The know-how deployed in the training courses delivered in accordance with our precise and thorough reference standards is the bedrock of our professionalism. This is also embodied by the conduct of every member of the firm.

  • The team spirit at the heart of the approach we propose to our customers is expressed through our capacity to mobilise resources from our team capable of meeting our customers’ needs. The exchanges of experience are beneficial to all concerned.

  • The protection of the physical and mental well-being of employees reflects the benevolence that is expressed through our approach in the field.

Our operational methodologies are rooted in this expertise and evolve continually, thanks to:

  • The feedback from our customers

  • The continual integration in our teams of new skills in different fields of activity: construction, aerospace, chemicals, nuclear power, regulatory control, agrifoods, building materials, industrial gas, etc.

  • Input from the latest research into cognitive, social and behavioural psychology

  • Our 40 experienced consultants operate in Europe and all over the world: China, Africa, North and South America, Russia, Japan, etc.

  • Our customers come from every sector of activity: industry, services, retailing, etc.

  • We train more than 10,000 people every year