Autonomous Safety: from obedience to adherence®,
to reduce accidents at work, on the road and at home

Autoroute conduire en sécurité

In France, safety is often associated with regulations. The notion of rules is deeply rooted in people’s minds: to be or not to be in the wrong. However, in many cases, risk-taking has little to do with a failure to obey the regulations. It is not illegal to drive when you are tired, but doing so sharply increases the risk of having an accident.

Autonomous Safety makes everyone aware of the benefits

of adopting safety-oriented behaviour for yourself and those around you,

everywhere and at all times, irrespective of your activity.

ETSCAF’s ETS SAFE activity has been successfully supporting Autonomous Safety projects in companies in all sectors of activity in France since 2007.

The right attitude to risks

Sécurité en vélo

More than 11 million accidents happen in everyday life in France every year, accounting for almost 20,000 deaths in all age brackets, not to mention almost 4,000 deaths in road accidents.

But these statistics do little to change our behaviour, because our representation of risks and our attitude to risks are shaped by a number of factors: the individual in question (age, gender, personality, past experiences, etc.), social factors (group influences) and contextual factors.

Mytection®, ETSCAF’s new Autonomous Safety program

Mytection® combines mechanisms of individual change, factors of collective transformation and engagement techniques.

Thanks to its interactive and participative teaching techniques, this method changes safety-related behaviour by producing a state of mind, in which everyone feels responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

The Autonomous Safety approach

Sécurite à la maison - bricolage
  • Encourages personal questioning by challenging beliefs

  • Raises everyone’s awareness of the fact that our behaviour is the best available means of avoiding injury

  • Explains how to pay attention

  • Creates the will to share the method with others

  • Reconciles the individual and the group in a company environment

  • Results in a change of habits, from which everyone benefits

Implementation of a Mytection® project

With 11 years of experience under its belt, ETS SAFE has the expertise required to manage Autonomous Safety development projects in an enterprise: the prerequisites for validation, the engineering, the organisation to be deployed and the preferred means of taking action to bring about genuine behavioural changes.

An Autonomous Safety project is made up of:

  • An analysis of the situation

  • a training program

  • An action plan to continue making progress over time

At every level and in every department of the company, everyone learns and practises how to improve their habits and their permanent vigilance.

The implementation of an Autonomous Safety project in a company encourages exchanges and federates the teams.

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