The ETSCAF management team is to visit China in early April to:

Theme of the event on 6 April

Safety on industrial sites: an effective international approach to halve the number of accidents at work in two years. It can be done!

The approach to safety

Today, the safety of persons on industrial sites is a major issue. It is a strategic issue, for which senior management and the entire management chain are responsible.

During the meeting, we will present a coherent and efficient approach , that is applicable to every industrial site, to company managers.

Halve the number of accidents every two years: it can be done! We will give you some concrete examples, close to your own reality.

You will have an opportunity to share your experiences with international company managers from different cultures who have already implemented this approach, in China and all over the world.

You will be able to discuss your success stories, your experiences and difficulties, and gain a clear idea of how to address this subject in a simple and effective manner.

The speakers

Les intervenants seront :

  • Jean-Pierre MOUTON, founder of ETSCAF
  • Gilles RABERGEAU, President
  • Laurent GOUSSAULT, Director
  • Marie HSU 玛丽, China Coordinator 中法协调员

To join us on April 6

Contact Marie Hsu:

We look forward to meeting you soon at this event in Shanghai!