In addition to obtaining MASE certification, a MASE audit represents an opportunity for companies to progress.

The main steps of the MASE certification process:

Processus de certification MASE

ETSCAF can intervene in step 3 or 4:

  • Step 3: the “mock” audit is a preliminary preparation for the audit for certification by the MASE association.
    ETSCAF’s consultants can conduct this “mock” audit and advise the company on the actions to be taken in order to pass the certification audit.

  • Step 4: alternatively, once the company has completed a “mock” audit and performed an initial review of its MASE system, ETSCAF is accredited to conduct the MASE certification audit.

Over the last 20 years, more than 1,800 very small, small and medium-sized companies have called on the professionalism and benevolence of ETSCAF for their audits.

Soudeur - MASE

Our “genethical” code:

  • Exemplarity and a positive attitude

  • The capacity to make ourselves understood by all

  • A coaching approach, in which we do what we say

  • The observation of behaviours plays a central role

  • Our observations focus on human and organisational factors

  • We obey a rule of absolute confidentiality