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We pay close attention to the needs of our customers. So, we use cookies to compile statistics (to know which pages you visit, etc.) and to connect with your favourite social media (for example, if you want to share our news on social networks, etc.). Just like any other tools, cookies can be used respectfully and appropriately, or in a disrespectful and disproportionate manner. We do everything within our power to make the best possible use of these tools on our website. Moderate use, that is as respectful as possible with regard to our visitors.


A cookie is a small text file that is written on your hard drive when you visit a site. Cookies collect information about your visit to the site for statistical purposes.

The cookies on your computer are controlled by your internet browser.


There are different types of cookies. Some are necessary in order to use the site: logins for administrators (website updates), usage statistics, etc.

The essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the site to function. They allow you to use the main functions available on our site. Without these cookies, you cannot use our site properly. In particular, they enable the site’s administrators to log on to apply updates (login authentication / password).

Analytical / statistical cookies

These cookies teach us more about the use and the performance of website, and to improve its performance (the most visited pages, etc.). We can use these cookies to see which pages are visited, how often, and to know the number of visitors per day, etc. They are very important in order to improve our site. This data is not personal. It is anonymous, and we do not know who visits which page. Your privacy is totally respected.

Cookies related to advertising operations (Adwords, Facebook and other campaigns)

We do not advertise much, and no adverts appear on our website. Consequently, we very rarely use this type of cookie.

Cookies created by the share buttons on social networks

You can use these buttons to share the news or other information that appears on our website on your favourite social networks. Without these cookies, it would not be so easy to share our news.


There are a number of ways to manage cookies, and each web browser has its own mechanism to manage cookies. For example, you can delete cookies or install plug-ins that block adverts (anti-tracking protection), such as Ghostery.

You are reminded that these settings may impact your conditions of access to our site that requires the use of cookies.


You can find up-to-date information about cookies and the protection of your privacy on the CNIL website.