The satisfaction of our customers is essential Every day, they talk about our commitment to excellence with them by providing methods, consulting services and training to improve safety in their companies, day after day.

Trainee testimonials

At the end of every training session, our trainees voice their opinions. Here are some testimonials given at the end of the sessions:

A method that is clear and easy to implement. Excellent!
Gérald, HM Clause
The methodology is precise and allows for effective and useful visits. Instructive and professional. Thank you
Claire, Neuhauser GDB
Solid theoretical base for a quick concrete application. Bravo and thank you
Gilles, HM Clause
The instructor was credible and passionate. Thank you and see you again very soon!
Very well explained, direct and concrete. Thank you very much
Nelson, Skis Rossignol SAS
A well explained method with concrete examples. When are you coming back?
Myriam, Securitas France sarl
Very lively content and delivery. Thank you and bravo!
Caroline, STVI
Dynamic, friendly and competent. Bravo
Christophe, Jacquet Brossard Distribution
A very lively and enriching training session. Thank you
Isabelle, Lesaffre Ingrédients Services
Conviction, method, credibility, enthusiasm and a good teacher
Philippe, Terrena
Safety is a top priority for all of us. Tip top!
Jean-Marc, Securitas
Safety is an everyday value and task. You can sense ETSCAF’s know-how. Thank you
Geoffrey, Skis Rossignol SAS
Rhythm, activity, field application: keep it up
Nicolas, Jacquet Brossard Distribution
Communication on safety with all types of management during the course. Friendly and a good listener
Fabien, SA Boulangerie Neuhauser
Excellent: highly professional and convincing
Jean-Baptiste, HM Clause
I will have a more informed attitude to safety. Top quality and lively delivery. Thank you
Marie, Leroy Merlin
Very useful. A dynamic instructor. Tip top! Lots of energy. Thank you
Yann, STVI
Videos, case studies, quality delivery: thank you for making me want to share
Yohan, Leroy Merlin
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Customer testimonials

As well as our trainees, our customers are our very best ambassadors.

Every day, they bear witness our determination to do whatever it takes, shoulder to shoulder with them, to halve the number of accidents in their company every two years.

Check out their testimonials